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After the 2014 demo tape of the band from Frankfurt comes here finally the 11-song vinyl debut with almost 35 minutes of playing time. Musically, there are brutal, dark and extremely pissed hardcore punk with mathcore impact and metal edge. Most of the time the speed is in the mid-tempo range and the sound sounds pretty mangy and dirty. Powerful bass, drums far away from typical 1/4 bars, a heavy down-tuned guitar and the loud and throaty singing sound like a punch in the face and are bursting with negativity. Dark music for dark times!
1. Guten Tag
2. Halb wach
3. Wesen
4. Verformt
5. Verpuzzelt
6. Eiter
7. Falscher Dampfer
8. Halt die Fresse
9. Unkraut
10. Schwarm
11. Verblüht