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Jason Martin has been creating amazing music, visual and video art since he was small child, when Jason started the seminal art noise punk band The Brown Cuts Neighbors in the late 1980's. Since then Jason has gone on to write and record many releases under various names and has lead and participated in countless visual and video art shows, performances and installations. Power Animal System Methods combines the species and gender queer trans-missional-dimensional themes of Jason's visual performance art and merges it perfectly with his amazingly crafted and unforgettable pop tunes, folk tales of inter-dimensional space travel, laser gun battles, fringe cut-80's era bikinis, personal stories of love, loss, shame, cross-species romance, inner power and self-preservation. Jason Martin is alive, long live Wolf-man Jason!

1. Wolf People
2. She Got Power
3. Help Please
4. Girl Panther
5. Red Rover
6. Powerpoodle
7. Shame
8. Deathbirth
9. Dog Mind
10. Blank Pages