Joyful Noise


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Embodying Villarreal's distinctly innovative and other-worldly guitar style, Invisible Cinema includes a wide spectrum of sonic variety. Hinged on the tumbling rhythms of Villarreal's unique guitar work, the music on Invisible Cinema ranges from lush indie-rock-slow-dance ("Enters") to meditative-percussive-drone ("Out Of My Hands") to what Victor does best: how-the-fuck-did-he-play-that-on-one-instrument-and-what-the-hell-is-the-time-signature acoustic guitar work.
Often credited as a pioneer of modern indie rock through his work with Cap'n Jazz, Owls, Ghosts & Vodka, and more recently, Joan of Arc, Victor Villarreal's solo venture brims with unpretentious, child-like optimism. Elements of classical and spanish guitar, as well as indie and metal are all present in this diverse batch of songs. Utilizing a plethora of instruments, and a few recording studios, Invisible Cinema is the first fully-realized Victor Villarreal solo material.
1. Enters
2. Darts In The Dark
3. Strings Attached
4. The Guess
5. Sway
6. Out Of My Hands
7. Leaves
Special European pressing! Limited to 190 hand-numbered copies on clear vinyl, packaged in a clear picture disc sleeve.