Kiss Of Death


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Originally released in 2004 on Adeline Records, The Soviettes have remastered their classic LP II and Kiss of Death is proud to be re-releasing the vinyl for it. LP II is a blast of energetic, classic sounding (mostly) female fronted pop punk. There is a super authentic 80's vibe to this record with both the production and song writing calling to mind aspects of Blondie and the Go Go's. However, the band isn't always tearing at break neck speeds, they slow it down on a couple of more melancholy and rocking tracks like "Tonight" and "Whatever You Want."
1. Ten
2. #1 Is Number Two
3. Pass The Flashlight
4. Goes Down Easy
5. Winning Is For Losers
6. Angel A
7. Tonight
8. There's A Banana In My Ear
9. Love Song
10. Portland
11. Channel X
12. Whatever You Want
13. Don't Say No
14. Come On Bokkie!