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Originally released by JTTP Records and Surprise Attack Records in 2004. The Deathwish version is a new pressing and boasts a brand new mastering job, revamped artwork, and three bonus tracks never previously available on vinyl (including an Integrity cover). Hellmouth is Rise And Fall's debut album, originally released in 2004. Listening back years later, it's apparent that even in their primordial form, Rise And Fall had the musical venom to compete with the biggest beasts out there. Thunderous drumming, thick walls of guitars, ripping solos, and brutal vocals all coalesce to lay the blueprint for "Punk Metal" as we know it. Making Hellmouth an essential experience for any hardcore fan out there today.
1. When They Come Down
2. Bottom Feeder
3. Hellmouth
4. As The City Burns
5. Where Ghosts Roam
6. Collapse
7. Tongue Tied
8. Turn and Run
9. Give and Take
10. Running Out Of Time
11. Kingdom Of Heaven