Sacred Bones


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Mark Korven's original soundtrack for The Lighthouse, starring Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe, marks his second collaboration with director Robert Eggers (The Witch).
“Robert [Eggers] and I were rather like the two wickies that went insane in The Lighthouse, musically speaking. We travelled to some very dark harmonic and textural places. We both enjoy not just breaking the rules, but blowing them to smithereens. The spirit of experimentation was always present."
1. Arrival
2. Sonovabitch
3. Cistern / Old On Lens
4. Swab Dog Swab / Seagull / Winslow's Story
5. Curse Your Name / Dirty Weather
6. Murder / Mermaid / Heavy Labour
7. Stranded
8. The Sea King's Fury
9. Mermaid Lust / Stabbing The Charm
10. Why'd Ya Spill Yer Beans?
11. Filthy Dog
12. The Light Belongs To Me
13. Into The Light