Iron Pier


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Hollow Sunshine is led by renowned artist and multi-instrumentalist Reuben Sawyer and vocalist Morgan Enos. The band's sophomore LP Bring Gold sees thick and pensive clouds roll in over their established sludge pop sound. Integrating more harmonic song structures and guitar work than prior releases, the eight tracks on Bring Gold are a radical jump in Hollow Sunshine's evolution and a full realization of its thunderous guitar attack. Guitars and bass churn away, planting thick roots in sludge and stoner metal, with the outfit deftly weaving sublimely melodic verses around towering soundscapes and experimental flourishes. Pitchfork called their debut LP "a sublime slice of downer pop" and Bring Gold is the realized artistic evolution of their journey.

1. Coral
2. Bring Gold
3. Careful Travel
4. Last Chamber
5. Firmament
6. Morning Green
7. On A Balance
8. Companion