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After both Ghostlimb records have been out of print for a while and the band still keeps it strong - we decided to repress both records on one LP - all songs are remastered and feature the artwork of both records and have big poster insert.

So you get both 12" of this powerful three piece from Los Angeles. Ghostlimb deliver powerful solid in your face hardcore w/ a melodic edic age that reminds sometimes on Born Against. They are fast and angry and they want to give you a kick in your ass so you start to think about stuff again and not just care about boring stuff like friendship. If you care – Ghostlimb features Justin from Graf Orlock and two other rad kids that have their heart in the right place.

1. The Custom Of The Sea
2. Scimitar
3. Separation Perfected
4. Complete Works
5. Palimpsest
6. Espionage
7. Weltstadt Los Angeles
8. Six
9. Shore Leave
10. Index Librorum Prohibitarum
11. Separated At Birth
12. Seven
13. Document
14. Saltaye
15. Ruins
16. Drowned In A Drought
17. The Force That Gives Us Meaning
18. Copywritten
19. Estate Sale
20. Laughter
21. The Bridge Over The Water
22. The Ocean Floor
23. Age Old
24. Loxodrome