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Sonically anchored by a guitar-driven melodicism reminiscent of later-era Small Brown Bike, BRIDGE AND TUNNEL harness the explosive, angular technique employed by luminaries like Fugazi and Cursive to convey a cutting sense of immediacy and intensity. Bookended by soaring atmospheric compositions, the roots of the album lie in a commanding mastery of complex rhythm and a precision born of both tireless effort and innate chemistry. Above it all, their voices weave together through a range of emotionally-laden tones as somber harmonies flip on a fill to a wrenching howl that echoes the desperation and defiance they’ve put to paper.

1. Synchronized Swimming
2. Harder Pill To Swallow
3. Outgrowing Pains
4. As Twelve Deer Run
5. Footnotes
6. Drill Instructor
7. From Parasite To Host
8. Hands
9. Gridlocked
10. Cooked Books