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Brian Posehn's (Mr. Show, Just Shoot Me, and numerous Comedy Central appearances) Live In: Nerd Rage reveals the hilarious observations of a self-professed nerd and life-long fan of heavy metal. At times it's personal, nasty, dry, and absurd, but it's always funny. Brian muses on being a teenage heavy metal fan, marriage, his dog Ernie, high-school reunions, body parts and getting revenge on childhood tormentors. Recorded as part the Comedians of Comedy tour, and including a sketch with Bob Odenkirk (Mr. Show), Live In: Nerd Rage is Brian at his funniest and will have everyone who hears it seeing the world through a totally different set of eyes. Live In: Nerd Rage also includes Brian's heavy metal band Posehn and Titannica. Posehn features Scott Ian [Anthrax], Joey Vera [Armored Saint], John Tempesta [White, The Cult] and Brian himself on vocals. Posehn slays with the soon-to-be-legendary original "Metal By Numbers" while Titannica [the metal band from the beloved Mr. Show sketch] delivers their epic track "Try Again, Again".
1. Opening / I'm A Good Friend
2. Dork For Thirty Years
3. Married Life - Sorry Fat Dudes
4. Puppy Time
5. Religion's Weird
6. Movie Ruiners / The Unholy Trilogy
7. Monkey Birthday
8. Reunion
9. No Dirty Magazines
10. Show A Little Neck
11. Late Night TV
12. The News
13. Quitting Pot
14. Baby / Kitty Porn
15. War's Over / New Boobs
16. Nerd Rage / The Mattress Story
17. Yelling Stuff
18. Metal By Numbers
19. Titannica Interview
20. Try Again, Again